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About Us

Vine is the U.S. brand of Xing Connected Corporation, a California based technology company that is focused on smart home products.

With offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Hong Kong, the company was started in 2015 by Silicon Valley veteran concept pioneer Mr. Kent Hsin, who has a history of anticipating technology applications for the future. He was later joined by Mr. Michael Maddie who was once a Category Leader at Google Smartphone and Tablets and Mr. Benjamin Bounketh, a Senior Product Manager at Amazon. Their extensive experiences from Google and Amazon helped define the "Smart, yet Simple" mantra in all products from Xing Connected. Today, people at Xing Connected embrace this vision by making exciting IoT (Internet of Things) products for everyone to enjoy.

Because of the pivotal role our products play in your home, Xing Connected is committed to creating and maintaining powerful customer relationships with our 24/7/365 service and support platform, which are manufactured with top quality components from world class suppliers and supported by the adaptive intelligent cloud.

We thank you for your interest in our company, products, and services. Please join our social media networks and be a part of our Smart, yet Simple family.